HistoryAide was created to enrich your enjoyment of history. The materials, links, and
suggestions available on this site for teachers, students, and parents will help you find new ways to make history fun and interesting. We are continually developing our materials to include teaching aids, interactive materials, artifact kits, facts, and background information to enhance your teaching and learning. We will bring you fresh facts, interesting tidbits, and little-known details to keep your curiosity fresh and your knowledge growing.

Our blog offers tips, techniques, suggestions, and links that can be shared, while adding new ideas for teaching and learning history.

Our store offers unique materials to help today’s students study history. We know that if you are a teacher, you want to go out of your way to make your lessons interesting. If you are a parent, you are trying to spark the interest of your children in history and help them learn well. If you are a student, we want you to view history as a living story you will want to enjoy more and more. Have fun exploring our site, and we trust that we can help you in achieving these aims.

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